Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo

Color-Depositing, Revitalizing Shampoo to Maintain Color

Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo

Color-Depositing, Revitalizing Shampoo to Maintain Color

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Come clean!

Our tinted, pH balanced formula deposits vibrant and long-lasting color that instantly restores pigments while protecting color-treated hair for all hair textures. It's also sulfate-free and conditions strands without stripping color. Keep your hair clean, soft, less frizzy, and smelling delicious! Our shampoo works well with Unicorn Hair and other semi-permanent hair dyes. Whether you're enhancing an existing shade or adding a pigmented wash of color to pre-bleached platinum to medium blonde hair we've got you covered.

Maintain the magic of semi-permanent fantasy hair color with Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo between color dyeing sessions.

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Our Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo comes in the same shades as our Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner: pink, blue, purple, peach, fuchsia, and universal.

PINK: Works well with Bunny, Bubblegum Rose, Shook, Strawberry Jam, Juicy

BLUE: Works well with Blue Smoke, Anime, Powder, Cloud, Dirty Mermaid, Mystic

PURPLE: Works well with Pony, Oyster, Cloud, Squid, Genie

PEACH: Works well with Neon Peach, Sushi

FUCHSIA: Works well with Chocolate Cherry, Strawberry Jam, Juicy, Lipstick

Simply choose your correlating shade or mix and match for a custom color experience and use as directed.

Combine with Universal Hair Color Shampoo to maintain pastel and lighter shades.
Color not your thing? Try our Universal shade.
Adds a magical touch of color to your shower rack and smells deliciously refreshing.


We recommend using Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo with Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner to deeply condition your pigmented strands for touch ups in between dyeing your hair. You'll achieve the best color results to maintain your colorful locks!

If you're looking for colorful hair that's more temporary than our Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Dye, simultaneously try both Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo and Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner. The results will maintain the dye appearance if you're using on pre-bleached platinum to medium blonde hair.


WHAT IT DOES: Cleans hair, deposits color, and keeps your shade 100!

WHAT IT WON'T DO: Strip color from your beautiful mane.