astronomical volumizing vega mascara

• Instantly volumizes and adds big-bang color on all lashes.

• Fiber brush wands separates and defines each lash.

• Easy-to-apply creamy formula

• 100% vegan & cruelty-free

• Available in 4 vibrant shades

100% vegan & cruelty free - available in 4 colors - easy to apply - fiber brush
the astronomical task force


Aboard Astronomical, a spaceship so unique it operates on pure color energy found only in
tubes of Astronomical Mascara, a L.I.M.E.C.R.I.M.E. invention

The Enginner
shoots for the stars by staying two steps ahead

51, The Engineer Bundle

$98 $78

51 Volumizing Mascara


Opal Hi-lite


Jello Hair Color


Super Computer Nebula
keeps all things in the universe fun af

Super Computer Nebula Bundle

$78 $62

Nebula Volumizing Mascara


Frozen Cherry Lip Gloss


Venus XL Eyeshadow


brings boldness to any atmosphere

Captain Blue Moon Bundle

$78 $62

Blue Moon Volumizing Mascara


Tearful Liquid Eyeshadow


Gigabyte BB Blush


Dr Supernova
enhances basic rocket science

Dr. Supernova Bundle

$76 $60

Supernova Volumizing Mascara


Angels Hi-Lite


Venus 3 Eyeshadow