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Inject more color into your life by switching up your hair color.  From muted pastels to bright neon colors and everything in between, our Unicorn Hair Semi-permanent Hair Dyes let you own your look with vibrant color, without the commitment. If you know what color you want, shop by Hair Color to pick the right shade for you.

What Color Should I Color My Hair?

There are a lot of hair color options to choose from, and everyone’s hair is different.  Changing your hair color with non-permanent hair color products, like semi-permanent hair dye, hair tints, hair color spray, and even hair color shampoos and conditioners are easy DIY options for home. Understanding how the hair color will look on your hair, and if you want to use bleach is easy with our hair color swatch guide.  You can always use our mixer to dial down the hair color if you don’t want the color so bright. For more tips, take our Hair Quiz and check out our What Color Should I Color My Hair article for more helpful information. 

How Long Does Unicorn Hair Last?

To extend the life of your color, we recommend using our corresponding Unicorn Hair Color shampoo and conditioner to clean, protect, and deposit color to your locks to maintain the magic of semi-permanent fantasy color.  Our Unicorn Hair Hydrating Hair Mask and Revitalizing Hair Oil keep your color looking vibrant, shiny and healthy between hair dyeing sessions as well. 

How Do I Dye My Hair at Home?
We know that the process can seem a little intimidating, but we’re here to help.  We have all the tools and accessories you need to color your hair and step-by-step tips and tricks to help you get started. It’s time to say ‘bye to your bland strands and let your inner color enthusiast go wild with our ultra-nourishing, vegan and cruelty-free Unicorn Hair Dyes.


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