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Eye Makeup

At Lime Crime, we believe your makeup—and the colorful, bold, bright ways in which you rock it—are key for showing the world your unique personality. Eye makeup in particular can be an amazing way to express yourself and how you’re feeling. And we have exactly what you need to create your favorite looks, your way. 

Shop Lime Crime’s eye makeup collection to find everything you need for a statement eye, including pigment-packed eyeshadow palettes, long-wear eyeliners, and more. Plus, we’ve got the everyday essentials you’ll need to finish your makeup look (and make sure it stays put all day). Keep reading to discover Lime Crime’s best eye makeup to add to your cart ASAP. 

What Are The Different Types of Eye Makeup?

Lime Crime’s extensive eye makeup collection includes makeup for your lids, lashes, and eyebrows. Amplify your look with our eyeshadow palettes, which come in color ways to suit every mood and occasion. Each one contains a range of eye-catching shades in fierce finishes with major color payoff. Try Venus XL 2 for earthy hues you’ll want to wear every day. 

Pair your eyeshadow with a bold flick of our long-wear Venus liquid eyeliner for a high-velocity look that never blends in. You can also skip shadow and let a colorful liner, like the bold blue Oasis, be the star of your look. 

For your lashes, our long-wear Astronomical Volumizing Vegan Mascara can’t be beat. The easy-to-apply formula adds color and definition for long, luscious lashes that won’t clump or smudge. 

Finally, frame your face (and your masterful eye makeup) with bold, defined brows. Use our Bushy Brow Pen to fill in sparse areas, then lock your look in place with our long-wear Bushy Brow Gel, available in seven shades to match your natural hair color. 

What Is The Best Eye Makeup? 

There is no “best” eye makeup—it’s all about what you like best. If you’re a fan of vibrant color and bold, artsy looks, we recommend reaching for an eyeshadow palette that includes plenty versatile shades to play with, like Venus XL. The palette boasts 18 standout shades, including a rustic red, golden rose, and rich raspberry.

If you want something better suited to a natural eye makeup look, try Prelude, which includes eight blendable nude shades for a barely-there look with serious style. Wear your color alone, pair it with a bold brow, or combine it with our long-lasting liquid liner and mascara for an on-point finish.

How Should You Prep For Eye Makeup?

How you prep for eye makeup depends on what types of eye makeup you’re wearing. You don’t need any special prep to fill in your brows, for example, or apply mascara (though a quick once-over with an eyelash curler never hurt anyone). 

If you’re playing around with eyeshadow or liquid liner, on the other hand, we recommend prepping your skin with a makeup primer to help ensure the pigment sticks without smudging or fallout. 

How Do You Apply Eye Makeup? 

Again, how you apply your eye makeup totally depends on the products you plan to use. Some, like mascara and liquid liner, are pretty straightforward: The applicator comes with the product. For eyeshadow—including both powder and liquid versions—you have a few options. If you want a blurred, soft finish, try smudging your shadow on with your finger (who doesn’t love fingerpainting?). 

If precision is what you’re after, we recommend using eyeshadow brushes to carefully layer on your color. Our Aquarium Makeup Brush Set includes seven vegan-fiber brushes for your eyes and face, and it comes in a translucent glitter pouch for portability (and, okay, added cuteness).


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