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You Answered Black to Deep Brown!
How to Get a New Hue with Bleach Party:

Add color to your life.

You were born to stand out. It’s time to switch things up and make heads turn… to YOU. We’re here to help you take on that challenge of transforming your deep brown hair (no bleaching necessary!) to a color of your choice. @Gingerrrane shows you how to take your hair to new color heights with Unicorn Hair Full Coverage in Genie. Like we say, NEVER MEH, NEVER BORING. #NEVERBLENDIN     





Get Your Dream Hair Color

Bubblegum Rose Hair Color

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Bubblegum Rose Hair Color

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Bubblegum Rose Hair Color

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As a member of our community and family, find your joy through color every day. You continue to inspire us.

Our Hair Dye will always be: 

  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free 
  • Non-damaging ultra conditioning  
  • Beautiful and gives vibrant color results 
  • Sweet smelling  
  • Super easy to use at home 


Unicorn Hair Dye is a semi-permanent direct dye that does not contain a lightening component or any harsh chemicals.  

Unicorn Hair Dye should never be mixed with developers, lighteners, or any permanent hair color. Since there is no lightening component, this means the base color you start with is crucial to how the color will deposit onto the hair. 

For best results our dye should be applied onto pre-lightened hair with our Bleach Party Hair Lightening Kits: 20 or 40 Volume. The darker the base hair color, the less likely the color will be visible on the hair. This can vary depending on the hair texture, as well as its natural porosity. 

Each of our unique hair dyes are made with an ultra conditioning base that will not cause any damage. Our hair dye in 25+ vibrant colors usually last between 4-6 weeks and will fade as you wash your hair.