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Liquid Lipsticks

You were born to stand out—and our bold, confidence-inspiring lip colors can help. Give your lips the love they deserve with Lime Crime’s creamy, long-wear liquid lipstick. Our smudge-resistant formulas glide on easily and leave your pout with long-lasting, opaque color that dries to a velvety matte finish. 

For bold, bright, and never-boring shades, reach for our Velvetines Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The richly-pigmented, vanilla-scented formulas pack a serious punch, giving your lips an even wash of attitude-packed color. Find your new favorite red in New Americana, or let your inner goth out to play with our inky Black Velvet. For a more subtle, yet equally impactful look, try our Plushies Soft Liquid Lipstick, which features 14 earthy neutral shades to enhance your natural pout. 

Whether you rock your color alone, or pair it with a full face for a fierce finished look, we’ve got the liquid lipstick for your beauty needs. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Lime Crime’s best liquid lipsticks.

What Is Liquid Lipstick? 

If you’ve never used liquid lipstick before, allow us to introduce you to your new lip makeup staple. Our liquid lipsticks glide effortlessly onto your lips like  the ease of a lip gloss, but with the high-intensity color of a saturated, long-lasting lipstick. The formulas offer all-day wear (even through meals—and the occasional kiss) and are available in 44 look-at-me shades, from pale nudes to rich burgundies and everything in between. 

Is Liquid Lipstick The Same as Lip Gloss? 

While liquid lipstick and lip gloss are both liquids for your lips, that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Lip gloss, as you know, is shiny and glossy. It applies super easily and doesn’t dry out, which helps ensure that the vinyl-like finish stays slick and shiny. Lip gloss may be clear, lightly tinted, or packed with pigment and often includes shimmer to enhance that luscious wet finish.

Liquid lipsticks, on the other hand, are thick and creamy. Our matte liquid lipstick colors are packed with high-intensity, ultra-saturated pigment. Our formulas (which smell like delectable French vanilla) dry shortly after application, so you can go about your normal daily activities like eating, sipping coffee, and blowing kisses without worrying about your color fading, feathering, or transferring. This allows you to apply your chosen hue in the morning, without having to whip out your mirror for touch-ups throughout the day. In fact, our liquid lipsticks are so smudge-proof, we recommend using a waterproof makeup remover or cleansing oil to get your color off. 

Is Liquid Lipstick Better Than Regular Lipstick?

Neither is better than the other—they’re just different. The best lip makeup formula for you is the one that suits your needs best. 

In some cases, it isn’t a matter of choosing between regular lipstick or something of the liquid variety, it’s about finding the right liquid lipstick. If a super matte formula isn’t your style, you can still enjoy the benefits of liquid lipsticks. Our Plushies formula offers a soft-matte finish that’s non-opaque and designed to enhance your natural lip color. Like all of our liquid lipsticks, it’s highly-pigmented and long-lasting. Swipe on Butterscotch for a peachy pout or Cherry Soda for a soft take on red lipstick.

For bright looks that won’t budge, however, there’s no beating our Velvetines matte liquid lipsticks. These Lime Crime fan faves are available in 30 ultra-pigmented shades. Give your pout a pop of long-lasting color with True Love, a fierce fuschia with serious attitude. Or, channel your grungy side with Cashmere, a taupe right out of your favorite ‘90s flick. For a seriously head-turning look, try Scandal, a deep plum that’s simultaneously sophisticated and sultry.

Which Lipstick Is Best For Dry Lips?

All of our creamy, color-packed formulas will leave your lips feeling soft, not dried out. If you’re dealing with dryness, though, you can pamper your pout with our lip care essentials. 

Our coconut oil-infused lip scrub will help buff away dry, dead skin to give your lips a luxuriously smooth, polished feel. Apply it with your fingers and lightly massage the scrub onto your lips, then wipe it off with a wet cloth. 

Next, layer on our hydrating lip oil, which contains nourishing avocado oil and vitamins A, D, and E. Leave it on overnight and reapply to bare lips, as needed, to give dry lips the boot. Make sure to remove any lingering oil before applying your liquid lipstick—it needs a nice, dry base so it stays put.

Should I Use a Lip Primer Before Liquid Lipstick?

If you’re wearing liquid lipstick, we recommend prepping your pout with a lightweight lip primer. Our rose and violet-scented formula smooths your lips with a translucent pink veil that pairs well with all of our lip colors. The non-drying formula helps provide a base for your hue to attach to for long-lasting, intense color without smudging, flaking, or fading. 

How Long Does Liquid Lipstick Last?

The better you prep your pout, the longer your liquid lipstick will last. Our long-wear formulas are designed to hold up through coffee breaks and kisses, but layering yours on top of lip primer is the best way to ensure it stays put all day. For a bold, smudge-proof look, you can also line your lips with one of our velvety matte lip liners before applying your liquid lipstick. This will help ensure your edges are sharp and precise for Insta-ready lips (no filter needed).

What Is The Best Liquid Lipstick?

Only you can answer this question. If you know what shade you’re looking for, shop by lip color to see all the lipsticks, glosses, and liners we offer in that hue. Otherwise, snap a selfie (or simply turn on your computer’s camera) and play around with our virtual try-on feature to find your best liquid lipstick shade—it’s almost as addicting as our in-your-face colors (almost).

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Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks

Our Velvetines Liquid Lipstick collection was created and inspired by our founder's favorite flower, a red rose. The liquid formula easily glides on your lips and dries down to a soft matte finish with a creamy, velvety texture - similar to the petal of a rose.

Get the perfect pout with great color, rich pigment, and serious staying power. With just one swipe, you'll have a bold and beautiful color that will take you through the morning, afternoon, and into the evening. This long-lasting matte liquid lipstick is both smudge- and kiss-proof with few touch-ups needed throughout the day.

With a wide variety of bold, beautiful shades in either a matte or metallic finish, you can choose the best matte liquid lipstick for your complexion and skin tone. Rock a rosy, red liquid lip with sultry eye makeup or flaunt a deep purple hue that will turn heads. Our richly pigmented metallic and matte liquid formula is also infused with French vanilla, making them utterly addictive!

Apply your favorite lip balm 15 minutes before wear for nourishing application and longer-lasting quality. For an even more precise application, line your lips with a Velvetines matte lip liner and then layer on your favorite liquid matte lip color. If you want to finish your makeup look with a touch of shine, apply our Wet Cherry lip gloss product.

So what are you waiting for? Bolden your makeup look with a long lasting liquid lipstick in your favorite shade and liquid matte finish. Try vegan matte liquid lipsticks we know you'll love - browse our velvet matte and soft matte formulas today!

Plushies Soft Liquid Lipstick

Experience the softer side of a bold matte lipstick with Plushies, the new generation of nude lips. Non-opaque, soft focus formula enhances natural lip color while making your lips look as plush as a teddy bear!

This highly-pigmented and long-lasting matte lipstick keeps its just-applied look for hours. Choose from our selection of 13 different shades, including Sorbet, Butterscotch, Jam, Pumpkin Latte, and Lavender Honey to name a few. For a more natural shade, check out the Rosebud and Melon Smoothie shades. Our collection of soft matte lipsticks has something for everyone’s vibe.

Offering a burst of creamy color and full coverage, this formula is easy to apply, glides on silky smoothand offers a beautiful matte finish for every shade offered. One coat is all you need for that coveted my-lips-but-better long-lasting effect, or build and layer to your liking for more intensity. Show off your beautiful natural lips with the blackberry scented Plushies from Lime Crime. If you want to mix things up and add a little shaping or lining with shine, outline or fill your lips with our signature Velvetine lip liner then top your lips off with our Wet Cherry Lip Gloss. Unapologetically express yourself with a vibrant hair color using our semi-permanent Unicorn Hair vegan hair dyes!

Already a Soft Matte Lipstick and Lime Crime cosmetics lover? Show us your soft matte lip moment. Share your amazing makeup looks and experience with us on Instagram by including #LIMECRIME in your post captions for a possible feature on our page!

Using globally-sourced vegan ingredients that cruelty-free practices, we design and manufacture quality products, including our long-lasting matte lipsticks, that provide our special unicorns with the high performing cosmetics they desire. Have questions or want to learn more about Lime Crime? Visit our frequently asked questions and about us page!

Lip Pops Satin Lipstick

Ready for a real twisty treat? Lime Crime’s Lip Pops satin lipstick collection gives your lips silky smoothness while making ‘em pop with color! Take a break from matte lips and glide Lip Pops on to get a satin finish with buildable coverage. Coat your lips in just a hint of a hue or saturate ‘em in layers of colorful creamy texture. ​

​With lipstick shades ranging from punchy pinks and shockin’ purples to an electric green (a exclusive shade!), Lip Pops remind us of the frozen treats we were obsessed with back in the day. We're talking about the big ole ice pops we enjoyed every summer and the tangy-sweet flavors that melted right onto our lips, always leaving behind a faint lip stain.

Lip Pops come in a sleek, twisty tube that easily retracts its creamy formula, so you can quickly apply a satin finish of color onto your lips in seconds. All you gotta do is click the Lip Pop up, swipe it on, twist that bottom to the left to send it back down, then cap it for the next time you wanna get lightweight, satiny lips ASAP!​ You'll love how easily this satin lipstick glides on. With a creamy texture and smooth finish, your lips will look silkier than ever before. For the perfect pop, use our Ghost Veil Lip Primer for long-lasting wear and our Velvetine Lip Liner for an added burst of color. If you really want to stand out, top it off with a glossy finish from our Wet Cherry Gloss!

Indulge in 9 different soft sheens that are both beautiful and moisturizing. And just for the zest of it, our satin finish lipstick is lemon-lime scented, too! Whether you want a tint or lots of layers, Lip Pops satisfy your lip cravings and give you color in a click.​ Browse our vibrant lipstick shades and wear your favorite shade for a perfect, satin pop on the lips!

Matte Lipsticks

We’re mad for mattes—matte lipsticks, that is. At Lime Crime, we have more than 40 pigment-packed matte lipstick colors to choose from, including electric neons, drama-filled darks, and barely-there nudes suitable for every skin tone. 

Put the finishing touch on your daytime makeup with our Plushies Soft Liquid Lipsticks, which boast a soft-focus finish designed to enhance your natural lip color. For something more dramatic, try our pigment-packed Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks and get a party-ready pout that won’t fade, feather, or flake. However you rock your matte lip look, our smudge-proof formulas are sure to leave a lasting impression. Keep reading to discover Lime Crime’s best matte lipsticks, and learn how to wear them for a bold look that never blends in.

What Is Matte Lipstick? 

Our lip makeup is available in three finishes—ultra-shiny, satiny-smooth, and matte. Of the three, our matte liquid lipsticks are both the least shiny and the most opaque. The pigmented formulas glide onto your pout easily with high-impact color and dry quickly to an even, velvety finish. Once dry, they won’t budge, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day. 

Does Matte Lipstick Dry Your Lips?

Dryness isn’t a concern with our creamy liquid lipsticks—though the liquid formulas don’t stay wet, they won’t leave your lips feeling parched. If you’re feeling a bit drier than you’d like, however, you can add our lip care essentials to your daily routine. 

First, buff away dead skin and smooth your lips with our gentle lip scrub. Then, apply an even layer of our nourishing lip oil to give your pout some much-needed hydration. You can even wear your lip oil overnight for extra moisture—just wipe it off before applying your matte lip color to ensure the pigment stays put.

Are Matte Lipsticks Better Than Glossy Lipsticks? 

We can’t answer this question for you—it’s all about what you want. If you’re aiming for a sheer, natural-looking finish, you’ll love our cherry-scented lip glosses. The semi-sheer formulas offer a splash of color with a high-shine finish. For something a little less slick, try our satin lipsticks, which are available in 8 silky shades offering a subtly glossy finish. 

If an attitude-packed and attention-grabbing look is what you’re after, there’s no beating our vegan matte lipsticks. Try True Love for a vibrant pop of head-turning color, or reach for Blackberry for a more toned-down (but still fierce) finish.

What Is The Best Matte Lipstick?

Nothing is universal: The best matte lipstick is the one you like best. It’s up to you to choose your favorite formula. We have two options for you, our Plushies and Velvetines. Think of the former as the softer side of matte lips. They’re non-opaque, silky-smooth, and available in a stunning range of 14 neutral shades. Velvetines, on the other hand, are all about packing a major, matte punch. Each of the 29 hues are long-wearing and ultra-pigmented. 

Aside from formula, color determines the best matte lipstick for you, too. If you know what hue you’re looking for, you can shop by lip color to find all of our lip makeup in that shade. 

Peruse our dark lipsticks and pick sultry, dramatic shades, like Wicked, or sort through our red lipsticks to discover your fave ruby hue. 

How Do You Apply Matte Lipstick? 

Though you can apply your matte lipstick straight out of the tube, we recommend first prepping your pout with lip primer. Ours is sheer, lightweight, and glides on effortlessly to help your matte lipstick stick not smudge or fade.

First, glide a thin, even layer of lip primer onto your lips. Once the primer dries, you can trace your lip line with one of our velvety matte lip liners to accentuate your natural lip shape (or even fake a fuller lip—we won’t tell). Then, using the built-in applicator or a lipstick brush, apply your liquid matte lipstick, making sure the edges are clean and precise for a super-defined look. Let it dry as-is, or go all out and pair it with one of our glitter glosses (like Frozen Cherry) for a confident look that’s totally unique.

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