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A Beginner’s Guide to Lip Oil

A Beginner’s Guide to Lip Oil

Achieving a picture-perfect pout doesn’t always come easy. Unless you’ve been naturally blessed with Angelina Jolie-esque lips, there’s a good chance you need a product or two to get the look you’re after. The good news? In today’s beauty market, there is no shortage of lip products to choose from.

If TikTok trends of late are any indication, the bold, glossy lips are back and better than ever. And while the original ‘90s baddies wouldn’t be caught dead without a tube of lip gloss, today’s beauty lovers are now embracing lip oil as their go-to for lasting shine.

Oils and glosses both promise shine, but not all products are created equally. It helps to know the differences between them so you know what it takes to get full,

gorgeous lips. If you’ve been eyeing our Golden Wet Cherry Lip Oil, here’s the scoop about what it’ll do for your beauty routine.

What is lip oil?

Lip oil is a lightweight product made with natural ingredients that help keep your pout hydrated. Unlike a balm, which helps draw moisture into the lips, an oil provides an occlusive layer, meaning it seals in all those nourishing ingredients. Creating a protective barrier between your lips and the elements helps minimize dryness and cracking. Best of all, it adds a little extra shine.

There are several reasons why beauty lovers reach for lip oils, even if they already have a lip gloss or balm in their bag. One of the biggest benefits of lip oil is its lasting power. The product can last for hours, but a lip balm or gloss might require reapplication throughout the day.

A lip oil also provides a burst of shine with a lightweight finish that isn’t sticky. If you’re craving color in addition to shine, our Wet Cherry Lip Gloss is perfect for layering without the dreaded “hair stuck to the lips” effect. 

Why are lip oils so beneficial?

Lip oils sit right at the intersection of beauty and skincare thanks to their replenishing ingredients. Golden Wet Cherry Lip Oil is made with avocado oil, which has numerous benefits for dry, cracked skin. Not only is it rich in vitamins A, D, and E, but it can also help shield skin from UV radiation and treat irritation. Avocado oil is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help boost collagen production for fuller, healthier looking lips.

To get the most bang for your buck layer lip oil over a humectant balm—that means it draws moisture into the skin—to create a long-lasting seal. The oil can also be layered over a lipstick to renew the color for an on-trend stain look.

The bottom line? Adding lip oil to your beauty routine will have you well on your way to an Insta-worthy look in no time. Check out how other fans are using lip oils to create picture-perfect pouts and remember to tag us in your next knock-out look!

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