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Keep the Shine, Ditch the Harm: Why Sulfate-Free Shampoos Are Better for Hair

Keep the Shine, Ditch the Harm: Why Sulfate-Free Shampoos Are Better for Hair

We all have unique hair care needs, but there’s one ingredient we all need to be aware of: sulfates. Sulfates are chemical surfactants added to shampoos to help create a lather and thoroughly wash the hair and scalp. While getting a deep clean may sound good, sulfates can be hard on your hair and scalp. If you want to go sulfate-free, check your shampoos for the two most common forms of sulfate in hair care products: sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.

We’re proud to offer sulfate-free formulas for our Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo and Unicorn Hair Color Protecting shampoo. Below we’ll break down some of the benefits of going sulfate-free yourself.

7 Benefits of Sulfate-Free Shampoos

1. Avoid Skin Irritation

While sulfates are generally safe, they can irritate the skin. This is particularly true if you have sensitive skin or a condition like rosacea, dermatitis, or eczema. Inflamed and irritated scalps are more likely to develop dandruff and interrupt hair growth cycles.

2. Maintain Healthy Hair Proteins

Healthy hair has a strong basis of proteins in it. Over multiple washes, sulfates can begin to break those proteins down. Studies show sulfates may break down hair proteins twice as fast as if soaked in water.

3. Protect Your Color

If you have color-treated hair, sulfates can quickly strip color away. This is because harshness and over-drying qualities will dull color and leave it looking lifeless over time. For better results, using sulfate-free color-protecting shampoos alongside a moisturizing conditioner will give you the best long-lasting results.

4. Boost Moisture

Sulfate shampoos create that squeaky-clean feel because they effectively strip the hair’s beneficial natural oils. If you’ve noticed that your hair tends to be frizzy, it’s likely caused by your hair being too dry. Choosing a sulfate-free shampoo will help you lock in the moisture, resulting in shiny and healthy hair.

5. Stop the Tears

We’re talking shampoo dripping into your eyes and the terrible stinging that causes tears and red eyes. No thank you! Sulfates are more irritating to the eyes, which can leave you with redness and discomfort long after your shower.

6. Keep It Natural

If you have naturally textured hair, sulfate-free is the way to go. Because sulfates dehydrate the hair follicle, you’re more likely to experience dryness, increased tangles, and even the loss of curl pattern definition over time.

7. Be More Eco-Friendly

Sulfate-free shampoos tend to have more plant-derived ingredients than chemically produced ones, making the products more ecologically friendly and sustainable. We formulate ours with rosebay extract and rambutan for a balanced scalp and moisture without weighing strands down.

How to Wash Your Hair the Sulfate-Free Way

After you’ve found the perfect sulfate-free shampoo, there are a few tips to ensure your scalp and hair look and feel their best:

  • Wet hair thoroughly for at least a minute before applying shampoo.
  • Apply shampoo and massage with your fingertips to help clean the scalp and increase circulation. Avoid using your fingernails or applying too much pressure, as this can cause irritation.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Add conditioner to restore the hair’s moisture and lock it in place.
  • Rinse again.

Finding the right hair care products will result in healthier and happier hair, and we love that for you! Show off your next great hair day on Instagram, and find us on TikTok for more fun, helpful beauty ideas.

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