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Power Up Your Style With E-Girl Glam

Power Up Your Style With E-Girl Glam

The e-girl makeup look is all about playful: Bold eyeliner designs, fake freckles, and doll-like blush are the cornerstones of this can't-miss-it look. Rooted in online gaming culture, it's fun, funky, and full-on. The e-girl glam look isn't subtle, but don't let that scare you off. There are ways to adopt the e-girl glam look without looking like a literal cartoon character.

Let’s explore the history of this aesthetic and get into some tips for bringing this fun, colorful vibe to your everyday life—including ideas for soft e-girl makeup.

A Quick History of E-Girl Makeup

You may have seen e-girl glam on TikTok or Instagram, but this look has roots that go way beyond social media. E-girl stands for "electronic girl." The slang term is usually used to refer to women with a significant online presence—especially "gamer" girls.

E-girl makeup looks borrow elements from gaming, as well as K-pop, goth, anime, cosplay, and skate culture. For example, the e-girl trend of stenciling hearts under the eyes is a nod to anime, while the bold eyes give a cosplay vibe.

E-Girl Makeup Looks

The great thing about e-girl makeup is that it's versatile. If you're feeling shy, you can adopt just one part of the e-girl look for your eyes or lips. If you're feeling bold, you can go all out. Here are some elements of the e-girl look to choose from.

E-girl Eyes

A winged black liner is a staple of the grunge e-girl look. Play with it by trying a colored liner—and don't get shy when you draw that swoop! Try our Venus Pigmented Liquid Liners for precise lines or the Electric Slide Eyeshadow and Brush Stick for the best of both graphic and soft, smudged looks. Finish it off with multiple coats of mascara for a youthful, wide-eyed look.

Oh, and don't forget some well-defined brows—you can make them colorful with help from our Bushy Brow Pomade Pencil and clear Bushy Brow Gel.

E-girl Lips

E-girl lips can go one of two ways. Make them bold with dark lipstick shades—think a well-defined black, red, or purple. Alternatively, try a soft e-girl look and ease in with gentle pastels, like a soft pink lip, a barely-there nude lip, or an understated mauve lip paired with shimmery eyeshadow in lavender, peach, or light blue. 

E-girl Face

Go full face by adding some quirky elements. Add bold blush on the apples of your cheek and the tip of your nose for a basic look—our Sunkissed Glimmering Skin Sticks in Wavy and Beachy Keen give you the perfect blend of blush and highlighter. For a little extra oomph, dust on some freckles. Add doodles, like cartoons, hearts, or stars, or add some holographic stickers.

E-Girl Hair Looks

If you want to commit to your e-girl makeup look, bring it to your tresses too. Play it up with fun and quirky styles. For long hair, pigtails or half-up, half-down pigtails are the characteristic look. Play with volume by teasing your hair at the roots and curling loose tendrils. A new pastel hair color is the perfect match for a soft e-girl look.

If you want to wear your hair down, try a sleek, straight style—preferably with blunt bangs. Think goth girl vibes. This simple, minimalist ‘do is a chance to let your color shine, whether you want a dark, dramatic color that lets your makeup take center stage or a neon dye that makes you the main character.

Finally, don't be afraid of accessories! Remember, e-girl glam roots in play and fun activities like gaming and cosplay. Try bold barrettes or hair gems. Want a low-commitment look? Add a streak of temporary hair color so you can play with your style as often as you want.

Getting Glam With a Gaming Icon

The Sonic x Lime Crime collab celebrates some of the most recognizable video game characters, so they’re perfect for getting into the e-girl style. From pigmented liners to hair dyes, you can declare your team allegiance and channel your inner gamer.

Whether you’re into exploring new virtual worlds or playing with your personal style, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Instagram and TikTok!

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