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Beat the Blahs With Dopamine Glam

Beat the Blahs With Dopamine Glam

Wearing makeup is an effective way to enhance your features and let your personality shine. Beauty also lets you embrace color and uniqueness. In a trend called dopamine glam—introduced by makeup artist Sir John—the goal is to spark joy and alleviate a steady case of the winter blahs by using beauty products as a means of self-expression.  Here is a closer look at the power of makeup and how it can help you beat the winter woes.  

What Is Dopamine Beauty Exactly?

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is referred to as the “feel-good” hormone because it helps regulate mood and motivation. The idea of using color to boost one’s spirits and help the brain release dopamine during troubling times dates back decades. Fashionistas of the 1920s donned shiny metallic hues in response to the Spanish Influenza, for example, while a bold red lip became a staple during the rationing period of World War II. 

The collective feeling of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic left many feeling down in the dumps. The lockdown made minimal makeup and even no-makeup days part of the norm. Even now, the mid-winter blues are no joke when cold weather and short days make us want to stay inside. The dopamine glam trend is in response to these feelings of solitude.  

Are There Psychological Effects of Wearing Makeup?

From a psychological standpoint, makeup plays a part in how a person is perceived. During a job interview, for instance, one might tone down or amp up their normal makeup aesthetic to appear more dominant or prestigious while giving their self-esteem and confidence a boost.

To use beauty as a mood-booster and stimulate the release of dopamine, abandon preconceived notions of what is historically acceptable when it comes to makeup. Instead of clinging to safe, neutral tones, experiment with vivid, bright hues that make you feel good when wearing them.

Playful color experimentation can help you achieve a sunnier disposition when you’re feeling down, whether it’s due to a stressful period at work or school, feeling ill, or being affected by the weather. With the sun low in the sky and ample cloud covering, winter days are often gray and overcast. Unfortunately, the color gray gets a bad rap. According to color theory, the neutral hue is conservative and unemotional and often associated with pessimism and sadness. 

Your makeup hues and hair color choices can be a remedy to the blahs. Red and blue, for instance, symbolize confidence. Orange is associated with warmth, enthusiasm, and positivity. Yellow is an energizing hue that conjures feelings of happiness. Purple sparks creativity, while green aids relaxation.   

How to Achieve Dopamine Glam Looks at Home

There are numerous ways to incorporate more color into your makeup routine using Lime Crime products. A bold or vampy lip, for instance, is a good way to dip your toe into these trendy waters. Start with your go-to neutral eyeshadows and a subdued blush for a flush of color on the cheeks. Complete the look with our Velvetines Liquid Lipstick in the fiery red New Americana or blood-red Wicked. 

If you prefer a brighter shade, put your much-loved soft pink back in your makeup bag and glide our Soft Touch Lipstick onto your pout. Get your dopamine fix with help from the nearly neon Fuchsia Flare, bright berry Funky Fusion, or magical magenta Disco Down.

Play up your eyes with an attention-grabbing shade, such as ethereal sky blue OMG or grassy green Let’s Bounce from the Electric Slide Eyeshadow & Brush Stick collection. Buff a pop of color all over the lid, dab it on the inner corner, or use it to highlight the lower lash line.

Our Astronomical Volumizing Vegan Mascara in cobalt Blue Moon will make the whites of your eyes appear even brighter, while purple Nebula will draw focus to your eye shape.

Sculpt cheekbones and finish the look with our Sunkissed Glimmering Skin Sticks. The lightest shades are perfect for a true highlight, while the deeper shades give you a glowy bronze.

Try rainbow locks using our Unicorn Hair Full Coverage semi-permanent hair dye in Juicy bubblegum pink, our signature Lime Crime lime green, or vivid orange Cutie. If you don’t want to commit to an unconventional color all over your mane, use a vivid hue to create highlights or a dip-dyed look.

The next time you need a quick pick-me-up, let your makeup collection be your guide. The fun and freedom of self-expression will help lift your spirits, so you can wear your new look with confidence. Show us your creations on Instagram, and see what else we’re into on TikTok and Pinterest.

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