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Goodbye to Grays: What You Need to Know About Dyeing Over Gray Hair

Goodbye to Grays: What You Need to Know About Dyeing Over Gray Hair

When your hair goes gray, it can seem like the perfect time to add some color to your life. Even though gray hair has lost its natural pigment, it doesn’t create the blank slate you might be expecting. The process of hair going gray is two-fold. First, cells in the hair follicles stop producing melanin in the hair follicles themselves. Second, hair typically produces hydrogen peroxide that is then converted into hydrogen and oxide. However, as our hair ages, it loses the ability to do the conversion, which means that hair produces hydrogen peroxide that can naturally bleach added colors. So, how do you create the necessary canvas to add color to your grays and maintain the look? We have some steps to help make your monochrome world go full color. 

4 Steps to Dyeing Over Gray Hair

1. Prep Your Hair for Perfection

Healthy hair is the best kind to color. As hair ages, it tends to lose its protective barrier, which can make it coarser and more prone to breakage. To protect your strands, make sure you condition and prepare before applying any dyes. Use a deep conditioner about a week before you plan to color your hair, and make sure it stays well-moisturized. Our Hydrating Hair Mask is a great pick for a deeply moisturizing treatment before and after coloring.

Additionally, your water could be damaging your hair. Hard water strips the natural oils from hair and can make strands brittle and less penetrable. Add a filter to your shower head to ensure you're getting the best clean with the least amount of damage.

2. Choose Your Color Permanence Wisely

The amount of gray you have will change what kind of dye you should use. If you have minor graying, temporary hair color can be enough—and it can be a fun way to spice up your appearance in the short term. If your natural hair color is lighter, the grays may be less detectable, even without dyeing over them.

If your hair has noticeable streaks or is mostly gray, you will likely need to use a semi-permanent dye for effective coverage. Our Unicorn Hair Full Coverage dyes provide a beautiful dose of color and conditioning ingredients for softness and shine.

While permanent hair dye is also an option, the developing ingredients can be much harsher on hair that’s already prone to brittleness and breakage.

3. Part Ways With Your Grays

The secret to covering grays effectively is in the application process itself. Because hair tends to be grayer at the roots, where it is growing in, you need to pay extra attention as you get closer to the scalp. 

Use a fine-tooth comb or the end of a rat-tail application comb to make precise parts, and use hair clips to secure each section. Our mixing bowl and brush kit includes a handy multi-use tool that helps you draw clean parts, detangle, and apply your color evenly.

4. Hair Care Goes a Long Way

Preparing your hair was only the first step—you have to take care of it after dyeing, too. Our Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo and Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner are designed to keep your hair hydrated and clean and deposit pigments that boost color and shine. Choose the shade that coordinates with your new hue, or choose our colorless Universal formula for gorgeous, glossy locks every time.

Grays don’t stand a chance against a well-thought-out dyeing routine. Whether your new shade is an elegant chestnut, romantic red, or full-on fantasy fuchsia, you’re ready to transform your look. Tell us all about it on Instagram, and visit us on TikTok for even more inspiration!

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