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How to Stop Your Hair Color from Fading

How to Stop Your Hair Color from Fading

Whether you prefer “your natural color but better” or gravitate to rainbow locks, your go-to semi-permanent hair dye will fade over time. But why does hair dye fade? Lime Crime has the answer, plus helpful tips to help make our Unicorn Hair Full Coverage semi-permanent dye keep its pigment longer.    

How Long Does It Take Hair Dye to Fade?

Commitment-phobes are in luck, as semi-permanent hair dye will completely fade away within four to six weeks after application. Unlike permanent dye, semi-permanent products don’t penetrate the hair cuticle and change the natural pigment. Instead, the color molecules coat the cuticle and can only hold on for a short time. 

But if you want your new ‘do to last longer, it’s important to know how you can set yourself up for dyeing success and get a little extra life out of your color.

What Makes the Dye Fade Faster?

DIY Know-How

How well you follow application instructions contributes to how long you can preserve the dye’s full impact. Washing the product out too early in the process prevents it from reaching full saturation—and that means you can expect to see your natural hue peek through before it should. 

Hair Care Habits

Your daily hair care routine matters, too. Although shampoo gets rid of buildup that can weigh hair down, doing it every day strips the dye as well. Sulfates, a common ingredient in shampoo, can also be to blame for fast fading. Although hot water will stop you from shivering when it’s time to rinse, it weakens the outer cuticle, which contributes to color loss. 

In addition to changing the volume and texture of tresses, flat irons, curling wands, and other hot styling tools also affect the semi-permanent pigment. The heat turns moisture in strands into steam. Steam bubbles become lodged in the shaft, which causes color to fade at a rapid rate. Heat also causes the pigment molecules to deteriorate. 

Sunny Days & Pool Time 

Whether you’re running errands around town or living your best life on the beach, it’s important to slather on sunscreen before you go outside. Just like your skin, hair needs UV protection, too. Otherwise, the rays will attack hair proteins and pigments. 

If your workout routine includes swimming laps in the pool, remember that chlorine and hair dye aren’t BFFs. The harsh chemical bonds to the pigment, causing it to deteriorate. 

How to Lock-In Color Longer

There are several steps you can take to extend the life of Lime Crime’s semi-permanent hair dye. For starters, follow our prep advice and the application instructions. After you rinse out the dye, wait at least 72 hours before the first shampoo. This gives the pigment time to fully adhere to the cuticle. 

Cut down on the frequency you shampoo, too. Stick to one or two days a week to slow color loss and look for products without sulfates. Our Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo is sulfate-free to prevent color stripping, and both the shampoo and Color Conditioner deposit pigment for touch-ups. When you rinse, use lukewarm or cool water to do so. This will prevent outer cuticle damage that leads to fading. 

On the days when you don’t suds up, use dry shampoo or conditioner. These products clean strands without affecting your fresh, new color. 

When you want to change your hair’s texture, spritz it with a thermal protectant spray before using hot styling tools. The product forms a film over strands to shield them from the harmful effects of heat. 

Before going outside, put on a scarf or hat to shield your hair from the color-fading UV rays. To prepare for pool days, rinse your hair before diving in. Porous strands absorb the water, which leaves little room for damaging chlorine to penetrate. You can also apply a moisturizing conditioner to help prevent chlorine from weakening your tresses. 

Explore the Full Rainbow of Hair Color

Now that you know how to prolong the fresh appearance of semi-permanent hair dye on your strands, shop our impressive array of head-turning shades. The Unicorn Hair collection is peroxide-, ammonia-, and bleach-free Unicorn Hair Full Coverage semi-permanent hair dye is available in a kaleidoscope of shades, including mossy greens, vibrant blues, sweet-as-candy pinks, and rich reds. 

We also have your hair care needs covered with our Hydrating Hair Mask, which contains prickly pear oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and goji berry extract. These ingredients will prepare your mane for dyeing and help it bounce back after application. The nutrient-rich ingredients in our Revitalizing Hair Oil will help you retain the vivid color between dyeing sessions.

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