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Have you heard about the Lime Crime Controversy? Curious? Here are the real facts:


The Website Security Breach "Controversy"

Lime Crime went through an unfortunate security breach in 2014 – the Lime Crime website was hacked by cyber-thieves and some customer information was stolen. The issue has since been resolved and our website is now safe to shop. The breach was the work of hackers and wasn’t due to negligence or failure on Lime Crime’s part (our SSL Certificate was up-to-date). We are very sorry for what happened to our customers and have worked hard to restore customer trust by working tirelessly to inform and educate customers about online security. Lime Crime set up a transparent and thorough FAQ, a call center, and dedicated email account for handling all incident-related inquiries, and hired extra Customer Care help to reply to customers on Social Media in real time. In addition, Lime Crime brought in a team of online security experts and partnered with Trustwave and Norton to make the Lime Crime website extra-secure to shop.

Lime Crime Vegan and Cruelty Free "Controversy"

Lime Crime’s products are formulated with the highest quality vegan and cruelty free ingredients. All of Lime Crime’s ingredients have been cruelty-free since the company’s launch in 2008. While many of our products were also vegan from the very beginning, in 2010 Doe Deere personally oversaw the ingredient reformulation of Lime Crime’s entire Opaque Lipstick range and replaced the real beeswax ingredient with a synthetic wax ingredient. The same year, Lime Crime discontinued two eye shadows containing carmine, an ingredient used for red pigment derived from insects. In 2012, Lime Crime reformulated the Waterproof Eyeshadow Helper ingredients, again replacing beeswax with synthetic wax, making Lime Crime a fully-vegan line. Lime Crime is Leaping Bunny-certified Cruelty Free. Leaping Bunny has the most stringent cruelty free criteria anywhere in the world. Lime Crime has always been committed to the animal-friendly cause. Lime Crime’s ingredients are also acknowledged as Vegan by PETA.

Lime Crime Charity "Controversy"

Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere, is deeply passionate about giving back and helping those in need through Charity. Doe has a long history of helping and supporting both animal rescue groups (registered charities) and the people who do the great work of helping animals in need (charity for non-registered groups).

Over the past 4 years, Lime Crime has donated over $16,000 to numerous registered charities, including charities benefitting women, children and animals. Lime Crime and Doe Deere will always be involved in giving to charity.

Lime Crime Charity Recipients:

  • Girls Inc., an education & positive reinforcement charity program for young girls.
  • HOLA, an after school charity program for children in LA.
  • Sanctuary For Families, a legal charity center for battered women.
  • Bideawee, the oldest no-kill animal shelter charity in the U.S, multiple donations given over the course of several years
  • AdoptNY, charity for displaced Hurricane Sandy animals.
  • Red Cross, multiple charity donations given over the course of several years - both general and also specifically for people and animals affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Lime Crime FDA "Controversy"

Lime Crime received a warning letter from the FDA in reference to the cosmetic pigments Ultramarines and Ferric Ferrocyanide printed on the Velvetines box. The letter was a request for clarification as to whether those ingredients are in the product, and the FDA does not claim to have tested the products for the presence of these ingredients in the formula. In fact, those ingredients are not in Lime Crime’s Velvetines products. Lime Crime has been in active communication with the FDA regarding the letter and following their instructions to resolve it as quickly as possible. As per the FDA, Lime Crime is providing documentation demonstrating that these ingredients are, indeed, not part of the Velvetines formula and that it's a simple labeling error. We are confident that once the FDA reviews the proof, they will consider the case resolved. Ultramarines and Ferric Ferrocyanide are commonly used ingredients which appear in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including eyeshadow, mascara, face & skin products, and soaps. They are approved for lipstick use in Europe, but not in the U.S.


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