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AVAILABLE IN 21 SHADES Unicorn Hair Full Coverage

Unicorn Hair Full Coverage

Our full coverage semi-permanent hair color has an ultra-conditioning formula that delivers high intensity, magical color results, or as we like to call it, rainbow hair! You get to be the colorist with our full coverage range of vibrant, bold, and darker shades.
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AVAILABLE IN 10 SHADES Unicorn Hair Tints

Unicorn Hair Tints

Pastel, muted, and lighter shades that leave a light wash of color to add a kick of cool! Works best with pre-bleached platinum to pale blonde hair.
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AVAILABLE IN 2 SHADES Unicorn Hair Mixers

Unicorn Hair Mixers

Customize your hair color! Use mixers with any semi-permanent hair color to create either a lighter or darker hue.
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AVAILABLE IN 6 SHADES Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo

Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo

Deposits vibrant color that instantly restores pigments while protecting color-treated hair for all hair textures.
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AVAILABLE IN 6 SHADES Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner

Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner

Maintain your hair color with a perk of pigment and increase shine between color dyeing sessions.
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AVAILABLE IN 11 SHADES Unicorn Hair Color Spray

Unicorn Hair Color Spray

Experiment with different colors and combinations with no commitment.
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