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Orange Ya Glad?

Orange Hair Dyes

Some may think one shade of orange is enough... but we always think the more vegan goodies, the better! Try our best-selling Neon Peach for bright look or our new shade, Cutie, for a true orange doo.

PLUS, we even have color depositing Peach shampoos & conditioners to keep your color lasting and beautiful.

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Shop the look

Unicorn Hair Full Coverage

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Neon Peach


Unicorn Bleach Party

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Orange Hair Color

Looking to add some sass to your strands? Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Color has you covered. Our fan-favorite semi-permanent hair color is available in a variety of funky orange shades, from romantic pastels to the brights neons. Try our hair dye options for a long-lasting pop of color, or change up your look on the daily with temporary hair color sprays. Keep reading to learn more about our best orange hair dyes and how to use these damage-free formulas for lovely, long-lasting color.

How Long Does Orange Hair Dye Last?

How long your hair color lasts depends on a handful of factors, including if your hair is processed, how pigmented the shade is, how often you wash your hair, whether your shampoo is sulfate-free, and if you go swimming or use heat-styling tools. In general, you can expect semi-permanent dyes to fade gradually over time, while temporary pink hair sprays will rinse out easily with shampoo. For the longest wear, protect your semi-permanent shades with our color-safe Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo and Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner in the shade Peach.

Is Orange Hair Dye Hard To Get Out?

Opt for a full-coverage dye for enduring color that fades gradually over time, or choose from one of our pigment-packed washable hair dye sprays for a pop of color that rinses out easily with shampoo.

Does Orange Hair Dye Stain?

While Lime Crime dyes are designed to transfer less than other dyes, it’s still advisable to wear gloves when coloring your hair. They also can stain fabrics and hard surfaces (like your bathroom counter). Cover up all surfaces before DIY-ing your ‘do to protect against accidental drips, spills, and splatters. If dye gets on your skin, use Hair Color Removing Wipes to erase it.  

After completing your dye job, rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water until it runs clear. The color will bleed a bit the first few times you shower, so use an old towel—or one you don’t mind staining slightly pink—to dry off. Since fresh color can transfer if your hair is wet, we also recommend drying your hair thoroughly before going to bed or getting dressed after a fresh color change.


For answers to more common color questions, check out our Unicorn Hair FAQ page.

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