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Bushy Brow Basics

Bushy Brow Basics

Shaping and filling in eyebrows are crucial steps in your beauty routine. A well-groomed look helps frame your face and puts a spotlight on your eyes. From determining which shape is flattering to choosing the right Lime Crime products, there are a few steps to get your brow game in check. Luckily, this useful guide will help you achieve Instagram- and TikTok-worthy eyebrows. 

4 Steps to Getting the Best Brows of Your Life

  1. Figure Out Your Natural Brow Shape

Natural eyebrow shapes range from softly angled to straight. The goal is to discover the natural curvature of your brows, so you can define the shape later. Although geometry skills aren’t required, you’ll still need a ruler and brow pencil. Hold the ruler vertically against your nose so it lines up with the inner corner of your eye. Mark where the ruler cuts across the brow line—this is the beginning of your brows. 

Next, find the arch, or highest point, of the brow. Look straight ahead in a mirror and angle the ruler diagonally with the outside of your nostril and the outer rim of the iris. Mark the arch as the spot where the ruler cuts across the top-most part of the brow. To avoid the eyebrow-raising, startled look, don’t fill in hairs past this point. 

Lastly, tilt the ruler diagonally towards the outer corner of your eye. Where the ruler crosses the brow is the endpoint, so mark this spot as well.  

Although there are subtle nuances among the shapes, use your face shape to determine whether you are #TeamArch or #Round4Life. Generally, a round brow softens an angular face, while a more angled arch adds dimension to fuller faces. 

  1. Choose the Right Color Match

Our brow pens, pencils, and gels are available in a variety of warm, cool, and neutral hues to give you the best match possible. Choosing a color is a little like finding the right foundation shade—you want the results to look seamless, whether you’re opting for a natural or fantasy hue.

Take your skin and hair color into account when finding your undertone. Picking a product that’s too warm can make cosmetics look obvious, while a shade that’s too cool will look flat. Use the texture of brow hairs as a guide to finding the right color depth. Dark shades look at home on dense brows, for instance, while lighter hues flatter finer hairs. Remember to apply products with a light hand and blend, blend, blend!

  1. Fill & Define Brows

Perfectly contoured brows are easy to create with three of our top products. Start with the Bushy Brow Pomade Pencil in your preferred shade. FYI, this handy brow pencil is a makeup bag space saver because it has a built-in spoolie for styling. First, brush through the hairs to fluff ‘em up. Then, switch to the glide-on, long-wearing pomade to fill in sparse areas with feather-like strokes. Go back with the spoolie to blend the pomade in with your natural hairs.

Next, use the Bushy Brow Pen to add texture, fullness, depth, and dimension to the freshly pigmented hairs. Using light pressure, the precision brush allows you to draw wispy hairs in the sparse areas.

The Bushy Brow Gel delivers the best finishing touch for your brow look. Brushing upward, swipe the volumizing, tinted gel through the hairs to separate and hold them in place.   

  1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Although a natural brow is the norm, a pop of color once in a while never hurt anyone. Our brand caters to makeup novices and glam gurus alike. Who wouldn’t want to up their brow game with vibrant shades like crimson and violet? 

Our colorful pomade pencils go on the same way the natural shades do, and you can lock in the look with clear brow gel to make sparse, light hairs look denser and glossy. To make darker brows stand out, build up the pomade pencil or brush through some white liquid eyeliner as a base.

Feeling extra adventurous? Complement your bold brows with a total hair makeover using one of our colorful Unicorn Hair full-coverage dyes or tints. Pick a shade to match or coordinate a couple of your favorites.

After this crash course on how to showcase your natural brows, you are ready to explore Lime Crime’s collection of brow pens, pencils, and gels for your fresh face or avant-garde look from start to finish. Show off your skills on Instagram and make sure to tag us!  

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