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5 Ways to Make Your Winged Liner Looks Soar

5 Ways to Make Your Winged Liner Looks Soar

Whether you’re headed to a holiday party, giving a presentation at work, or grabbing coffee with a friend, eyeliner adds the perfect final touch to your look. However, it’s also easy to fall into the habit of doing your liner the exact same way every day. Luckily, we can help you spread your wings with some excellent ideas for new looks. 

Creative Ideas for Winged Eyeliner

1. Choose Different Colors

Yes, black goes with everything. It’s the iconic look for an eyeliner, as it gives a dramatic focus to your eyes. However, don’t be afraid to try new colors. White eyeliner pop against darker eyelashes, shifting everyone’s gaze to you. If you want to create a bold, yet classic contrast, consider using black eyeliner, then adding a thinner white line above it. 

Looking to really spice up your style? Create a coordinated color story with eyes and mouth by matching or complementing your lipstick. Our Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners offer a range of playful shades that allow you to mix and match warm and cool tones for monochromatic looks and artsy contrasting styles. 

2. Create a Double Eyeliner Look

For a dimensional look that can also help elongate the appearance of your eyes, try double-winged eyeliner. After doing your normal wing, add dimension by drawing another line slightly above it for a stacked look, or draw the line closer to your crease to create graphic negative space. To help achieve symmetry with your wings, always start at the outer corner of your eye and flick up towards the brow.

For an extra stunning look, consider matching your second liner color to your mascara color. Our Astronomical Volumizing Vegan Mascara comes in four brilliant colors: black, purple, green, and blue. 

3. Shape the Liner to Suit Your Eyes

Understanding your eye shape and how your eyes are set can help create a liner look that brings out your beauty. For eyes that are close-set, create an upward arrow effect with your eyeliner, which will help the eyes appear wider apart. 

For wide-set eyes, highlight those inner corners. Start with your traditional winged eyeliner, then extend the line closer to your nose and gently connect it with your lower lash line. Keep working with your original liner color or add a fun pop with another shade.

A softer smudged wing that connects with the lower lash line dresses up round eyes. By contrast, liner on almond eyes should taper off at the outer corner rather than going beyond it to avoid over-elongating the shape. 

For hooded eyes, use a thin lash-like stroke or a wedge shape at the outer corners that will look like a more traditional wing when your eyes are open and looking forward. 

4. Incorporate Eyeshadow

Creating a distinct look sometimes means balancing between eyeliner and eyeshadow. But does it have to? Sometimes going all in with a bold eyeliner and full eyeshadow beat can create a dramatic and stunning look. Check out our Wet Cherry Wild Metallics Eye and Face Palette for plenty of sparkle. Use the lighter shades for daytime highlights, and add the deeper red or green for a lush evening look. Our Prelude Exposed Eye and Face Palette is perfect for a darker, more sculpted neutral style.

5. Have Fun With Your Shapes

Don’t be afraid to have fun and play around with different colors and techniques. Our liquid liners are easy to apply and draw with, so you can create dotted looks, faux lower lashes, and graphic liner masterpieces. 

Or swap out the liquid liner entirely for a colorful eyeshadow crayon. Our Electric Slide eyeshadow sticks do double duty with a creamy texture made for sketching and shaping and a brush for creating those dreamy washes of color.

Reinvent the classic winged eyeliner to create your own signature style! You’ll find plenty of inspiration all over social media, so visit us on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

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