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Glasses are Glamorous: Makeup Tips for Wearing Frames

Glasses are Glamorous: Makeup Tips for Wearing Frames

Whether you like to showcase your lush lashes or your perfectly sculpted brows, the right eye makeup can help make your peepers pop. But if you wear glasses, your makeup lewks can lose their luster. Mascara, eyeliner, and shadow are less impactful when hidden behind thick frames and reflective lenses.

Don't despair: You don't have to choose between function and fashion. These makeup tips for glasses wearers can help you create a daytime look that still packs a powerful punch—just in time for back-to-school season.

4 steps to looking foxy behind your frames

1. Start with the right frames

If fresh specs are on your back-to-school shopping list, choose your frames wisely. Opt for something that fits your overall style, including your makeup style.

If you're feeling a 1960s mod vibe and rocking a lot of cat eye liner lately, look for frames in a retro style. Maybe a cat-eye frame is your perfect partner for a snatched look. Round wire frames are perfect for everyone from the ‘70s flower child to the ‘90s minimalist. Want something with more presence? Try an always-on-trend aviator style.

2. Define your eyes

With glasses, the biggest problem is that your eyes get "lost" because people will naturally focus on the frames and lenses, not what's behind them. Make sure that your eyes stand out by using makeup that defines your eyes, bringing them to the forefront.

Instead of heavy shadow, which can obscure your eyes, opt for a well-defined liner in black or brown. Also, define your lashes with mascara and use an eyelash curler to give them some added oomph.

Another pro tip for making your eyes stand out even from behind heavy glasses: Address your water line. Using a beige or white eyeliner on the lower water line helps to create the illusion of those big doe eyes we all want.

Finally, don't forget your brows. Brushing them up will help to lift your face, counterbalancing your frames. Add a touch of brow gel or pomade for all-day hold—no need to run from class to the bathroom for a touchup.

3. Keep it light and bright

When doing your makeup for school, avoid heavy, dark eye products. Sultry eye makeup is great for night, but it can be harsh in bright daylight hours. Plus, dark makeup can emphasize shadows behind your frames and obscure your eyes instead of defining them. 

Instead, add some brightness to your eye makeup. A swipe of shimmery shadow on the brow bone will help illuminate your eyes and open them up—making you look like you're awake, alert, and ready to focus on school!

Look for neutral tones that won't distract from your perfectly defined eyes or clash with your glasses frames.

4. Add some balance

Makeup for glasses isn't just about the eyes. To add some balance to your makeup for school, add a light blush. Apply a light peach or rosy shade (depending on your skin tone) to the apples of your cheeks, swiping up for a lifting effect.

Also, don't forget your base! If you have any pimples (argh), cover them with a dab of concealer. This way, people will focus on your eyes, not your acne.

Last but not least, keep your lips simple. You don't want to distract from your perfectly made-up eyes. A quick swipe of clear gloss or a neutral, matte lipstick is plenty.

Makeup for glasses wearers: it's all in the products

Eye makeup for glasses wearers isn't a hopeless cause. It's all about creating looks that help your eyes stand out from behind the frames—not fade into the background.

The above makeup tips can help you get started. To perfect your technique, make sure you've got the right products, including a defining liner, volumizing mascara, and an array of shadows.

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