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How To Bring the Drama With Dark Lipstick

How To Bring the Drama With Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick can give you an irresistibly moody look—if it’s done right, of course. Purple, burgundy, brown, black, and other dark shades can be challenging to maintain. If any of them smudge, feather, or fade, it’s even more apparent than lighter shades.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to maintain a gorgeous dark lip all day. We’ve got just the trick for pulling off dark shades, no matter what color you choose. Here’s how to rock dark lipstick wherever you go.

6 Essential Dark Lipstick Tips

1. Prepare Your Lips

Before putting any color on, first smooth, prep, and protect. We already shared how to preserve red lipstick, and the same rules apply to darker shades. The lipstick’s formula is more likely to stay on smooth and moisturized lips, as the pigments are better absorbed. 

As a quick refresher, remember to exfoliate with our Golden Wet Cherry Lip Scrub, smack on some lip balm or oil, and use our Ghost Veil Lip Primer before applying lipstick. Afterwards, you’ll blot, dab on some loose powder, and add a final layer of lipstick.

2. Choose the Perfect Shade

If you’re used to subtler shades, picking out a dark lipstick can be unknown territory. First, find a shade that suits your mood, outfit, or even season. If you still need some guidance, match colors with your skin tone. For example, dark purples, plums, and browns look amazing on deeper and warmer skin tones, while deep reds and pinks flatter lighter skin tones.

Our lip collection is full of dark and dreamy lip colors to complete your burgundy, plum, and black lipstick makeup looks. The Velvetines Lunar Eclipse and Best Selling Velvetines Matte Liquid Lipstick bundles, in particular, offer a great selection of bold Lime Crime favorites.

3. Use a Lip Brush

When it comes to dark lipstick looks, there’s less room for error. That means little mistakes can stand out. To limit wild lines and smudges from shaky hands, apply your lipstick with a lip brush. This tool gives you more precision with your movements, making it easier to create crisp, deliberate lines. Start from the outer corners and work inwards to outline your pout, then fill in the rest.

4. Line Your Lips

Some like to line their lips first, while others prefer to do this step last. However, you’re better off applying lipstick before using a lip liner because it will cover up fuzzy or smudged lipstick strokes with a clean, firm border.

Finding the perfect lip liner to top off your dark lipstick look follows the same guidelines as finding any other shade range: Focus on your skin tone and undertone to find the right balance of depth and color temperature. After finding the right shade for you, shop our waterproof, transfer-proof Velvetines Lip Liners to find the perfect complement to your favorite lip color.

5. Avoid Smudges on Teeth

It happens to everybody—you take a quick look in the mirror only to see a big, dark smudge of color on your teeth. Fortunately, this is preventable. To make sure you’re not wearing lipstick in the wrong place, put your finger in your mouth, close your lips, and pull it out. Any excess product will wind up on your finger instead of on your teeth.

6. Reapply When Needed

Whether you’re dining out or dancing the night away, don’t forget to pack your lipstick. Colors fade and feather when eating, drinking, or working up a sweat. When it starts to look messy, dab away the excess with a napkin, then reapply the lipstick to the bottom lip. Purse your lips to spread the color and keep the party going.

Excited about your dark lipstick looks? Show us what you’ve got by tagging us on Instagram! When you’re ready to explore new looks, check out our TikTok and Pinterest for inspiration and more products that will add spice to your makeup routine. 

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