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Lime Crime x Sonic the Hedgehog

Lime Crime x Sonic the Hedgehog


For Sonic’s first ever hair & makeup collaboration, get ready to #ColorMeSonic with the Lime Crime x  Sonic the Hedgehog collection. Explore a range of hair and makeup products featuring five vibrant Unicorn Hair Full Coverage shades and three ultra-pigmented liquid eyeliners. Creating a connection through self-expression, storytelling and identity, the limited-edition collection brings the classic Sonic characters to life. From Sonic Blue to Amy Pink, Tails Yellow, Rouge Magenta or Shadow Black, find your match and game on. 



Encouraging exploration and self-expression through artistry is at the core of this campaign & collaboration. The world needs more color, more fun, more character, more creativity and more time to play!  Like the feeling you get playing your favorite Sonic game, unlock a joyful escape creating your own look.

Taking the supercharged power of Sonic mixed with the vibrancy of Lime Crime, we created unique looks inspired by the game and energy of the characters to fuel self-discovery and trial. To do this we partnered with Megan Schipiani (@shmeggsandbaconn) Meg, an LA based hair artist & friend of the brand, has a passion for color and a gifted eye for turning hair into a work of art. She created 3 looks using the colors of the collection with techniques inspired by the unique dynamics & storytelling of the game. The best part? You don’t need to be a pro to master these looks. Take hair dyeing into your own hands in the comfort of your own home. Unicorn Hair Full Coverage, a truly DIY-friendly formula that doesn’t cause damage, delivers bright hair transformations with an ultra-conditioning, semi-permanent color formula that leaves hair soft and conditioned, ready to use right out of the jar. Added bonus- You can let your color process while you play! 


  • Chaos Control Spikes – An iconic style celebrating the most famous blue hedgehog, Sonic, and his rival, Shadow. Much like the use of Chaos Control this look offers a time warp in space and time using Sonic Blue & Shadow Black with a touch of punk x gaming.


  • Pink Crush – Using Amy Pink with a trendy tip to level up your bangs this playful look is for all the Amy fans, and celebrates her alliance with Sonic.


    • Mystic Zone Melt – A true game inspired look, featuring Tails Yellow & Rouge Magenta, the Mystic Zone Melt style connects fans into the zone of Sonic.


    Our fan-fave Venus pigmented liquid eyeliners where the perfect product to complete this collection as they allow anyone to create liner art with precision and ease. Don’t worry about making a wrong move, practice makes perfect! 

    Whether this is your first round or you’re already mastered the craft, show us how you #colormesonic and create your own winning look. 

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