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Seasonal Summer Hair Colors

Seasonal Summer Hair Colors

Bring on the Heat

Sun’s out, hair’s down, and it’s about that time for a mane makeover. Summer is the perfect season to switch-up your hair color. Whether you're looking for warm tones to heat things up or wanting to make a campus comeback with a new ‘do, we have you covered with these hawt trends for summer hair colors. 

Summer Hair Color Trends

1. Shadow Roots - Balayage  

Want a low maintenance game-changer? Darken your roots for a hair-daring look that’s sure to turn heads. While dark roots may have once scared you into having your hair salon on speed dial, the balayage trend embraces your root color by blending it into your highlights. A deeper root gives all shades a more lived-in feel.  

Most people think blonde hair with darker roots is the only way to great shadow roots, but on the contrary! Many different hair colors can rock this natural-but-better look. Brunettes can go deeper with cool, dark-brown roots, or even black roots, while redheads can enrich their strands with dark, intense hues of cinnamon.  

Even the pastel-colored hair beauties can get in on the root shadow trend with bright, technicolor roots. For those not ready to commit to a color, we recommend spraying your roots with funky shades from our Unicorn Hair Rainbow Mist collection. Try blue, purple, pink, or go bold with silver. For a more subtle look, try a temporary hair color spray that adds dimension and shine to your inches with pretty pearly pigments.  

2. Caramel Mocha 

Natural hair does not have to mean boring! Caramel-brown is just enough change for those who want to put more oomph in their style—but without the dramatics. Caramel adds dimension and brightness to your hair without the harsh effects of going blonde. Celebs from Beyoncé to Kim K have all jolted this hair trend to the top of our must-try lists.

To get this color, we recommend blondes try a warm-colored hair tint such as a caramel brown. Our semi-permanent formula leaves a watercolor effect, giving a soft wash of color on pre-bleached platinum to pale blonde hair.  

Quick tip: Keep lighter-colored strands toward your face and at the ends of your hair. Deeper roots also perfectly contrast caramel highlights and frame the face beautifully, accenting one’s best features. We all love a cup of joe in the morning and this trend plays on our true love for coffee and cream.  

3. Sky Blue 

Summer days are known for warm weather and blue skies. A sky-blue hair color is one of the most unique hair color trends, as it refreshes your strands and gives a soft aesthetic to the harsh temperatures. This hue is subtle and bold at the same time—making it the edgiest hair color that celebrities and influencers are rocking this season.  

blue hairIf you’re planning to hop on the baby blue bandwagon, the key is to pre-lighten your strands. To nail that gorg sky-blue shade, evenly mix a blue hair dye. Take a page from celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, who used our hair dye mixer to create Kylie Jenner’s frosted-pink look and likely her sister Kim K’s mermaid-esque hue.  

Blonde unicorns out there can achieve this breezy look with our blue hair color conditioner which adds a light wash of color to pre-bleached platinum to medium blonde hair.  

4. 2000s Two-Tone 

Taking a unique twist on the ombre, the half-and-half look has crept its way back into our hearts from the early 2000s. Celebrities like Dua Lipa have refreshed this look and showed how it clearly takes confidence to pull off—but very little effort to maintain.  

For the already platinum blonde beauties, this look can be created in a jiff. Just part your hair in a half ponytail and use our full coverage hair dye in Charcoal to color the bottom half. This is sure to be one of the top scorching looks of the summer. As Paris Hilton would say, “That’s hot.”  

5. Rusty Copper 

For brunettes who would like to add some spice to their strands, try copper-red hair. Red-hued highlights add a perfect combo of light and dimension. This color is lavish and deep—and will also add a touch of elegance. For those of us that were lucky enough to be born with natural red tresses, copper highlights can deepen your glorious locks even more. Brunettes who want to add this look to their natural hair color: Use a highlight comb and work our full coverage crimson red hair dye from root to end. For blondes out there, this shade will be bright red on you, so we recommend this color for light brown and dark brown hair colors.

Embrace the Hottest Color Trends of the Summer

Any of these hair color ideas are sure to give you a fresh look for the summer. Spruce up your darker strands with fiery deep red highlights or turn your soft blonde hair into a light blue to complement the blue skies of a summer day. Embrace the warm tones to match the rising temperatures and say hello to a hawt, summer hairdo.

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