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Spotlight on Velvetines Liquid Lipstick

Spotlight on Velvetines Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick has come a long way since its origins in Ancient Sumeria. Now, beauty enthusiasts have dozens of formulas to choose from, one of the most popular of which is liquid lipstick. Here, we dive into the colorful history of lipstick and take a closer look at our best-selling Velvetines Liquid Lipstick.

Where Does Lipstick Come From, Anyway?

It’s believed that the origins of lipstick could extend as far back as 5,000 years—talk about a classic. Ancient Sumerians are credited with its creation and are said to have developed the first formulas by crushing gemstones with a binding agent. The trend persisted through 1500 BC when women in the Old World applied a red tint. Ancient Egyptians, who crushed bugs to achieve the iconic red hue for their lips, used pigment as a status symbol.

If solid lipstick is your go-to beauty staple, thank the Arab physician who created the cosmetic during the Islamic Golden Age. A few centuries later, however, churches banned lip coloring, claiming it had undesirable associations. 

Fortunately, the trend made a resurgence during the era of Queen Elizabeth. During this time, it became popular to mix floral pigments with beeswax to create lipstick. High-class individuals contrasted a fair complexion with bright lips, which then became the height of fashion. 

During the early 20th century, every woman had a staple lipstick shade in their handbags. As the 1900s progressed, formulas were refined. Pots of lipstick evolved into cylindrical tubes, and eventually, lip gloss was also developed. Icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor helped cement the red lip into a permanent fashion statement. The late 1900s saw a flurry of fads as different formulas emerged, ranging from semi-matte to shimmery.

What Is Liquid Lipstick?

In the early 2000s, a new type of lipstick emerged: liquid lipstick. Typically sold in a tube with a wand applicator, the product glides on smooth and dries down to a matte finish. The product is buildable and heavily pigmented, giving it serious staying power.

Having been at the forefront of beauty trends since our brand was first born, we had to dip our toes into the liquid lipstick waters in 2012. As we were experimenting to find the best liquid lipstick formula, we started with only two shades. Our first Velvetines Liquid Lipstick sold out in just two weeks and quickly gained a cult following, thanks in part to our star-studded fanbase, which includes modern red lip devotee Dita Von Teese.

Lime Crime x ATTICUS

Lime Crime draws inspiration from countless sources, giving each line and individual product its own unique story. Most recently, we’ve found ourselves swooning over ATTICUS poetry. The anonymous poet’s work has been highlighted in several collaborations with major brands, and we’re happy to be the latest. 

Our new Lime Crime x ATTICUS Liquid Lipstick launches just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our trio of best-selling original lip shades is here to make sure your lips say “lovesick” this Valentine’s Day. Inspired by ATTICUS poetry, or holiday trio features:

  • FEELINS: For when you’re catching them…
  • TEDDY BEAR: You’ve got a cuddle buddy cuffed.
  • BLACK VELVET: V-Day? More like “Me Day.”

Whether you’ll be sending your special someone an ATTICUS love poem this Valentine’s Day, have plans to get- together with friends, or are planning an indulgent party for one, be sure to complete your look with one of our limited-edition liquid lipsticks.  

Don’t forget to memorialize your beauty look and tag us on Instagram. Can’t get enough poetry? Check us out on TikTok to see what else is inspiring us!

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