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Make Em Green with Envy

Green Hair Dyes

One color green just isn't enough... so we have more! From our brightest to our deepest, we have a shade for every mood. Try one of our newest additions, Swamp Queen, for a funky look or our craziest shade, Jello, to really stand out in a crowd. Check below for some coloring tips!

Now introduing our darkest green, Meadow!

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Green Hair Color

To ensure you’ll #NeverBlendIn, consider going green—with your hair, at least. At Lime Crime, we have several green hair dyes to upgrade your mane, from lively light green colors to enchanting emeralds (plus a few standout shades in between). Try one of our full-coverage hair dyes for a bold wash of color, or create your own custom shade with our DIY-friendly hair dye mixers. Whichever hue you choose, our semi-permanent green hair colors will positively transform your locks. Keep reading to discover our best green hair dyes (and how to use them) for a look that will have everyone green with envy.

Can I Dye My Hair Green Without Bleaching It?

All of our semi-permanent hair colors are formulated without harsh chemical lighteners or bleach. This means that while our sweet-smelling dyes won’t damage your hair, they also won’t lighten it. For the best color payoff, we recommend pre-lightening your hair (for easy at-home bleaching, check out our bleach party kits). This is especially important for those in the hair level 1-6 range, which encompasses black to light brown hair.

With that said, you can use our pigment-packed, full coverage formulas on darker strands. You’ll just end up with a more toned-down tint, rather than a fully-saturated splash of color. Keep in mind, however, that unprocessed hair (strands that have never been chemically treated or touched by bleach) won’t fully absorb the color. 

What Is The Best Green Hair Dye For Brown Hair?

If you’re not ready to take the plunge with platinum, that’s okay—you can still use our semi-permanent green hair dyes on light brown strands for a more subtle finish. Try a super-saturated color, like the punky Jello, or the deep olive Swamp Queen. If you bleach your brunette mane first, you can have your pick of any green hair color.  We’ve also included swatches for each color on the product page, so you can see exactly how your green dye will turn out before committing to a color.

How Long Does Green Hair Dye Last?

How long your green hair color lasts depends on whether your hair is processed, how often you wash your hair, and the intensity of your chosen shade (more pigment = more staying power). Your hair-care routine and lifestyle also play a part; not using sulfate-free shampoo, going swimming, and heat styling your hair can all lessen the longevity of your color. 

To keep your color fresh and fierce for as long as possible, we recommend showering with cool water and washing your hair less frequently—dry shampoo is your color’s best friend. When you do lather up, reach for our Universal Hair Color Shampoo and Universal Hair Color Conditioner, which are specially formulated to help preserve your color for soft, sleek strands.

Is Green Hair Dye Damaging?

All of our hair dyes are formulated without harsh chemicals, so they won’t damage your hair—in fact, the ultra-conditioning formulas make your strands feel healthier. The pigment-packed dyes can stain fabrics and hard surfaces, though. Before coloring your hair, cover all surfaces to protect against accidental drips and spills and don a pair of gloves to protect your skin. If you do get dye on your skin, don’t sweat—just reach for our aloe vera-infused hair color wipes to remove any unwanted pigment from your fingers or face.

What Is The Best Green Hair Dye?

We love all of our gorgeous greens—it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Ultimately, the best green hair dye for you is the one that allows you to truly express who you are. 

Shop by color to see all of our green hair dyes, or customize your color by blending two or more of your favorite shades. Try pairing Jello and Blue Smoke to create a bold emerald hue, or mix our Powder and Tweet temporary hair color tints and apply to pre-lightened hair for a one-of-a-kind seafoam shade. 

For answers to more common color questions, check out our Unicorn Hair FAQ page. 

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