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In Burning Red

Red Hair Dyes

Could you ever imagine so many options of red hair dye?? True reds, pink-reds, purple-red.... we have it all! if you want a subtle red, try our beautiful Chestnut. But if you're ready to go all the way, dive head first into our Valentine dye. PLUS, we even have color depositing Fuchsia shampoos & conditioners to keep your color bright.

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Shop the look

Unicorn Hair Full Coverage

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Flaming Red


Unicorn Bleach Party

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Red Hair Color

If you want to make a statement with your strands, reach for red—hair dye, that is. At Lime Crime, you’re sure to find the right red hair dye to give you head-turning tresses. Our Unicorn Hair Full Coverage collection includes eight vivid variations on red for the dramatic ‘do of your dreams. Let out your inner rocker with a fiery scarlet shade, like Valentine, or embrace your romantic side with a dusty raspberry, like Mystic Rose. For a more subtle look, try our semi-permanent Unicorn Hair Tints, which leaves a soft wash of color on pre-lightened platinum to pale blonde hair. Not ready to commit to crimson? You can still join in on the fun with high-intensity temporary hair color sprays that wash out easily with water.

The pigment in all of our dyes provides intense color payoff sans damage, so you can change up your look as often as you’d like. Find your ideal red hair color and learn more about our DIY-friendly red hair dyes, ahead.

Is Red Hair Dye Damaging?

Because our semi-permanent hair colors are formulated without harsh chemicals or artificial dyes, they won’t damage your strands. In fact, the formulas condition your hair while depositing high-intensity pigment. The result: Soft, silky hair that looks (and feels) its best.

How Long Does Red Hair Dye Last?

How long your hue lasts depends on a few factors, including if your hair is processed, how pigmented the shade is, and the way you care for your hair. The latter refers to how often you wash your hair, whether you use sulfate-free shampoo, if you go swimming, and if your styling routine requires heat. Generally, our semi-permanent red hair dyes will appear saturated at first and fade gradually over time. To protect your hair color and keep it looking vibrant for as long as possible, shower with cool water and use our Fuschia Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo and Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner, which are specifically formulated to complement our damage-free red hair dyes.  

Does Red Hair Dye Stain?

While our semi-permanent dyes are formulated to transfer less than other dyes, we still recommend wearing gloves when dyeing to protect your hands. If dye does get on your skin, our color-removing wipes are a quick fix. Staining fabrics and hard surfaces, like your bathroom sink, is a possibility, too. To avoid accidentally transforming your bathroom into a scene straight out of a ‘90s slasher flick, cover up any surfaces you want to protect against accidental drips and spills.

Finally, keep in mind that minor color transfer is common, especially with freshly-dyed wet hair. Use an old towel you don’t mind staining for the first few showers with your new hue, and dry your mane thoroughly before getting dressed or going to bed.

What Is The Best Red Hair Dye?

We can’t pick our favorite red hair dye—all of our reds, from pale roses to moody merlots, hold a special place in our heart. The best red hair dye is the one that suits your hair dreams best. Shop by color to discover all of our vibrant red shades, and check out our swatch guide to see how our unicorn-inspired shades look on different hair colors. Rock on, red.


For answers to more common color questions, check out our Unicorn Hair FAQ page.

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