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Is There a Link Between Makeup and Self-Esteem?

Is There a Link Between Makeup and Self-Esteem?

Being assertive, achieving goals, and getting enough sleep all help build confidence and self-esteem. But we think American football legend Deion Sanders was on to something when he quipped, “If you look good, you feel good.” If you’ve ever felt like your best self after trying a new hair or makeup look or creating a signature style you love, then you know he was onto something—spending time on your appearance can have a positive effect on self-esteem and confidence. Here is a deeper dive into the connection between self-care and self-esteem. 

Why Your Self-Esteem Matters to Us

At Lime Crime, we believe beauty should be about fun, not about trying to fix flaws or adhere to a single standard. Our goal is to help you find the colors that bring you joy and express everything that makes you unique.

There’s a lot going on in the world, so we’re here to build a vibrant creative community that’s not afraid to stand out. From the hair dye novice shopping for their first bold hue to the makeup maven who can draw perfect winged liner in their sleep, we want to bring beauty lovers together and celebrate all of you!

What Are the Psychological Effects of Wearing Makeup?

1. Establishing a Routine Provides Structure and Comfort

Depression and stress drain your energy and zap your self-esteem, which can make it difficult to stick to regular grooming habits. Establishing a routine helps you feel more in control when overwhelmed or faced with uncertainty. Daily hair care is a simple thing to incorporate into your routine and feel refreshed—and that can make it easier to move on to the next part of your day. 

Keeping your hair care products and makeup organized can also help you feel more focused, which can have a positive effect on self-esteem. 

2. Making Yourself the #1 Focus Helps You Feel Nurtured

Devoting time to hair and makeup also allows you to nurture yourself and recharge. This can help you regain the confidence needed to handle tense situations and redirect your mind toward more positive, restorative thoughts. Spending time on activities that make you feel beautiful and cared for is important—you deserve to feel that love and tenderness!   

3. Celebrating Self-Expression Boosts Confidence

Makeup and hair color are great outlets for self-expression that can make you feel more confident about your appearance. Making choices about your personal style is empowering—not only do you get to take charge of your personal image, but you can also celebrate all the features that make you special. Experimenting with your appearance lets you break free from external expectations and assert your point of view. 

4. Developing New Skills Creates a Sense of Achievement

Beauty is an art form because it’s all about pairing colors and learning about placement and application techniques to achieve the desired results. Building your beauty skills can be therapeutic because applying makeup and hair dye requires a lot of simple repetitive motions.

Best of all, learning new skills can boost your feelings of accomplishment. Receiving compliments on your work is sure to have a positive impact on how you see yourself and connect with others. And you never know—meeting other beauty enthusiasts can even help you feel more comfortable in social situations. When you feel attractive, it can give you the confidence to approach new people and have better conversations with the people who approach you.

5. Using Color Improves Your Mood

Playing with your makeup and hair color can have real mental health benefits because every hue connects with an emotion. If you’ve ever wondered why a bold red lip makes you feel strong or why purple hair feels surprisingly luxe, it’s because both colors are energizing and associated with power and royalty.

Yellow is a cheery color that evokes happiness, while orange is a vibrant hue that sparks joy. Even the different shades of pink have their own meanings. A soft pink lip can evoke innocence and nostalgia, while vivid pink hair is passionate and playful.

Wearing your favorite colors boosts your mood today and can pay off in the long run. Improving your state of mind bit by bit can help improve your self-esteem over time.    

The virtual beauty community is thriving, so come join us! Tag us in your next Instagram post to show off your skills, and find us on TikTok and Facebook to see all the fun, creative ways people are styling their Lime Crime goodies. Get inspired and connect with other fans so you can cheer one another on throughout your beauty journeys. 

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