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What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

What Color Should I Dye My Hair?


Want to change your look sans commitment? Own it with hair color to amplify your look and find joy through hair color. From vivid red hair dye, to brilliant blues, shades of purple, grungy greys and everything in between, there are highly-pigmented, damage free, semi-permanent hair dyes to inject color in your life, express and celebrate yourself. Changing your hair color with temporary hair dye is an easy way to update your look, boost your confidence, and a part of your self-care routine to take care of your badass self. Are you asking ‘What color should I dye my hair?’ and unsure of where to begin? Read on to learn more about different colors of hair dye now available, what happens if you use bleach, and what to expect.


It’s time to let out your inner color enthusiast and go wild with color. There are endless options, but the below will offer key tips for choosing the best hair color for you.



The base hair color you start with is crucial to how the hair color will deposit on your hair. If you apply permanent hair color to your hair, it actually does alter the color by opening the hair shaft to permanently change the pigment in your natural hair color–you’re in it for the long haul. If you’ve never dyed your hair before, looking for a ultra-vibrant look, or want to add a tint of color to your tresses without the commitment, semi-permanent hair dyes are a great option to use, like Lime Crime’s ultra-nourishing Unicorn Hair Dye Collection with 37 shades, formulated without bleach or chemical lighteners.

Without bleach, these semi-permanent hair dyes will not lighten your hair, and you’ll notice the best color payoff when you start with light hair. You can check out this swatch guide to see how semi-permanent hair color appears on starting hair color shades. For richer, more vibrant color, you can always use at home bleach kits to pre-lighten hair before dyeing.

Check out these how to use bleaching tips for at home application.



Rules need not apply when it comes to coloring your hair. Whether you’re looking for warm tones to heat things up, or cooler tones for more contrast, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


The key to going lighter if you are using bleach is to pay close attention to your hair while its processing, and to make sure that you check on your hair every 10-13 minutes to evaluate the color lift. It is recommended that you wait at least two to three weeks between bleaching sessions to avoid sensitivity and that if you are re-bleaching your hair, to start at the darkest spots first to ensure event lift.

This bleaching guide has more tips for prep and application. You always have the option to just color smaller sections of your hair, and a styling tip would be to keep lighter-color strands towards your face and at the ends of your hair to frame your face.


Darker colors allow your skin tone and eyes to pop, along with making your hair appear healthier! Coloring your hair with a darker shade is often easier since the new hair dye color can cover whatever pre-existing tone you have. Going darker all over, or darkening your roots for a hair-daring look will for sure turn heads and stand out from color blah blandness.

Dark roots, sometimes called shadow roots, is a low-maintenance color trend that’s great for all hair colors. Brunettes can go deeper with cool, dark brown roots, while redheads and enrich their strands with dark, intense hues of cinnamon. Even lighter hair color can get in on the root shadow trend with bright, technicolor roots.

For even a more subtle look you can try a temporary hair color spray to add dimensions and shine with pretty pigments.


Ever think of using more than one hair color to add even more color and dimension to your hair? The possibilities are endless with red hair dye, purple hair, blue and green hair dye options. Pastel tones like pink hair dye and a blue hair dye will make an unforgettable statement. There’s plenty of rainbow options for the popular unicorn hair look, and to achieve other hair color trend looks from Lime Crime’s Unicorn Full Coverage Collection. There are even Unicorn Hair Tints in 10 shades for even more muted color hues to try.



Everyone’s hair is different so some colors may look a little different on your hair based on your base hair color and texture. Vegan and cruelty-free options like Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair offer non-damaging formulas with conditioning ingredients that still provide excellent color for your desired looks.

Whether you decide to go lighter, darker or use multiple shades, a strand test is the best way to see how the color will show up on your hair. Select about an inch strand of hair in a less visible area, we recommend right above the hair towards the back of your head. Your hair should be clean, unconditioned and dry. Apply the hair color per the application instructions for the recommended amount of time. Rinse out the color and dry your hair to reveal the effect. You can dilute or adjust the color to reach your desired result.


Any new hair color will be sure to give you a new look! The world needs more color, more fun, more character and more creativity. When it comes to answering “What color should I dye my hair” know that you can try a bold new hue whenever you want, and that it’s easy for you, to do you, and dye your hair at home.
Ready to get started? Browse Lime Crime’s hair collection of vibrant, semi-permanent color dyes, tools, accessories and everything you need to master dyeing your hair at home. Follow us for more tips and inspiration, and tag @limecrimemakeup on your Unicorn Hair mane pics so we can admire your new look! At Lime Crime, we are all about celebrating what makes us truly unique, because when you find the confidence to stand out from the crowd, that’s when you really feel your true best. #NEVERBLENDIN.

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