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7  Eyeliner Trends & Techniques

7 Eyeliner Trends & Techniques


If the eyes are the window to the soul, a great set of curtains can go a long way! When was the last time you mixed up your eyeliner routine and took a truly stunning selfie?
Here at Lime Crime HQ, we've been searching all of social media for the most incredible new eyeliner trends. We've traveled from TikTok to Instagram and back again to source the most gorgeous new ways to put our Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners to work! We don't know about you, but we're ready to create a rainbow eyeliner work of art using some of the most pigmented liquid eyeliners on the market!
If you're new to the makeup world, never fear and welcome! This guide includes all of the steps you need to rock these looks, including product recommendations that we love. Now is the time to take a risk and let our line of dynamic colored eyeliner help you make a statement!
Keep reading for 7 of the most incredible trends and techniques for applying and rocking the latest eyeliner looks!


Hello, Spring! Now that the weather is warming up, it's the perfect time to try out lighter looks, like a cat eye and cut crease with white eyeliner. Once you learn how to create a wing with eyeliner, you will never go back! Winged eyeliner is about as classic as it gets. You'll only elevate it when you choose white liner.

To master this look, you'll want to get your hands on Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliner in Baby's Breath. Our vegan, cruelty-free formula is about as easy to use as it gets, even if you're a liquid eyeliner novice! Plus, once you've mastered a cat eye in white, you can replicate it in all of the colors in our massive shade range! You might as well pick up the Complete Collection Kit and keep the whole rainbow on hand!

This colorful look is created with Glory Face & Eye Palette, Supernova Mascara & Baby's Breath Eyeliner!


  1. Start by pulling your lid taut using your non-dominant hand. Start at the outer corner of your lid, staying as close to the lash as possible. Create a little wing by flicking upward, then continue lining until you reach the inner corner.
  2. Repeat with your other eye. Note that it is sometimes easier to start from the inner corner and finish with a flick. Personally, we work in the direction that we write and do each eye differently!
  3. Dip the end of a q-tip in some makeup remover and use it as an eraser until both sides look symmetrical. As a pro tip, you can add some concealer to make the wing pop!


If you want to stand out, you are going to love holographic eyeliner! This bold choice includes a little effervescent touch of every color under the sun. Best of all, the shape will be perfect every single time when you use our easy-to-apply Holographic Face & Eye Stickers!

This rockin' set comes with three-liner sets, so you can customize your funky look to match your mood. Whether you'd like a simple cat eye or a super bold wing, this set has got you covered! If you're down to play, you can even experiment by applying stickers under the brow or right above the crease!


  1. It truly could not be easier! Holographic Face & Eye Stickers are self-adhesive. Just peel and stick them where you like!
  2. For an elevated but classic look, apply directly to your lash line. Simply peel them off to remove them from the backing.
  3. You can even reuse them more than once. Our customers tell us that a little extra dab of eyelash glue goes a long way!


Care to master a look that is both subtle and bold at the same time? You're going to go crazy for our favorite contemporary graphic eyeliner trend, the floating crease!

Your crease sits between your lash line and your brow, and it's often where you'll apply a bold pop of color when using eyeshadow. Instead, a floating crease provides the look of a bold and colorful crease with no shadow required! All you need is your favorite shade of Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners!

For this simple look, don't be afraid to go with a bolder color. We recommend the shades Butterfly or Wisteria for a stunningly simple pop of unexpected color!



  1. On a bare lid, use your Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners on your lash line as normal. You might want to concentrate your liner toward the outer corner. You can even add a subtle cat eye!
  2. From there, use your eyeliner to follow the contour of your crease. You can even extend beyond the outer corner and match the shape of your wing.
  3. Because this look is so scrumptiously subtle, you can afford to boost the look of your lashes. Apply your favorite false lashes, or boost your natural lashes with our Astronomical Volumizing Vegan Mascara!


Once you've mastered the cat eye, put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it! Essentially, a reverse cat eye means applying winged eyeliner to the lower lash line. This bold, trending look borrows from traditional styles from Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East!

To master this look, we suggest any shade of Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners that gets you pumped! This look is less subtle than the previous one, so you can't go wrong with a warm brown eyeliner shade like Fawn. If you want to go big, try a pastel blue like Dew Drop!



  1. Go back to look #1 and brush up on How to Apply a Traditional Cat Eye.
  2. Start by lining your waterline. Instead of making your wing at the outer corner, make it near the inner corner, next to your tear duct.
  3. Then, go back and draw a wing in the outer corner to line up with the wing in the inner corner.
  4. You can get a nice smoky effect if you go back in with a brush and buff it out a bit with some eyeshadow. Any one of our eyeshadow palettes should have a color that coordinates with your eyeliner of choice!


With so many stand-out shades of Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners, the hardest decision you make each day will be deciding which to apply. If you're truly on the fence, you're going to love our next trend: two toned eyeliner!

Now you can use two of your favorite shades to produce one fantastic look!
Our best tip for two toned liner is to pair a bold shade, like our springy Lavender with a more neutral hue, like our Misty, a cool gray. Coming up with awesome balanced combinations is half the fun!



  1. Mastering this look doesn't get much easier! Choose one shade for the top lid and another for the bottom lid!
  2. If you want to mix things up, try the reverse cat eye using this two toned technique for an even bolder and more unique effect!


Smudged eyeliner? On purpose? It might sound crazy, but this is a simple way to achieve a softer effect with your favorite eyeliner.

If you're willing to work fast, you can get an awesome smudged effect with our vibrant Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners.



  1. Apply your liquid eyeliner to your upper lid, as normal. Before it can dry, use a brush or sponge to gently smudge it out. For an added boost, you can apply some coordinating eyeshadow over the top to help it set.
  2. Plus, soft and subtle eyeliner leaves plenty of room for a bold lip! Make your smudged liner pop with our Soft Touch Lipstick in a stand-out shade like Fuchsia Flare or Retro Sunrise.


The latest trend to hit the apps is the dot eyeliner trend. Why? According to certain TikTok influencers, the correct eyeliner placement might be enough to help someone fall in love with you!

You can allegedly "hypnotize" anyone who looks at you with some well-placed white liner! Luckily, liquid eyeliner works best for this, so you can whip out the white liner in Baby's Breath that you used for the first look!

Some say that this trend creates a shiny, "anime girl" eye effect. Your mileage may vary, but we can't wait to see your attempts!


  1. You will use your white liquid eyeliner to apply four small dots around your eyes. One will go just below your waterline, one next to your tear duct, one at the very outer edge of your eye, and one just above your crease but below your brow.
  2. You can wear the dot liner on its own or pair it with any other liner look that you love!


You don't need to be a professional makeup artist to bring out your eyes with Venus Pigmented Liquid Eyeliners from Lime Crime! The right product can help you create a vibrant and cohesive look. Maybe we're biased, but we think the 7 trends above look even better with favorites from our eye makeup collection!

Did you try out one of the trends from our list? We're dying to see what you've created using Venus Liquid Eyeliners! Shoot us a selfie at @limcrimemakeup on Insta — and don't forget to give us a follow for more makeup tips and inspiration!

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