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Determining What Hair Dye to Use

Determining What Hair Dye to Use


Hair dye is a way for people to mix up their looks, express themselves, and experiment with new colors and styles. It's not just about covering up imperfections but about feeling confident and beautiful! Whether you're interested in semi-permanent hair dye or temporary color, you can do it all from the comfort of home these days. That said, it's important you choose the right type of hair dye to achieve the color and results you want.

Here's everything you need to know about your options and how to color your hair like a pro when dyeing your hair at home.


You should choose whichever color makes you happy, but if you want to go for that maximum "wow" effect, experts recommend choosing a dye based on skin and eye color.

First, determine your skin tone. Platinum and ash-color dyes tend to look better on people with cool undertones, while gold and mahogany dyes look great on individuals with warmer undertones.

Those with green eyes look great with chocolate, butterscotch, auburn, and black hair dyes. Blue eyes match well with platinum, strawberry blonde, burgundy, and espresso. People with brown eyes look great with honey, golden brown, mahogany, and ash blonde colors.

Adding vibrant, fantasy colors is just as easy. Simply pick a color with undertones that flatter your skin tone.



Many people want to know more about henna hair dye as an alternative to traditional dyes. However, there are a few factors you should understand first before using natural hair dye.

Henna is a permanent hair dye. It may not ever fade completely, though the color does fade somewhat after the first few weeks. Henna is also difficult to lift out of your hair later, so if you plan on lightening your hair, you might find it tough to do so.

Henna hair dye is also messy to apply and can stain the skin. It can also take several hours to develop, depending on the shade you want to achieve. The biggest downside is that henna interacts with chemical dyes and can seriously damage the hair.

Chemical hair dyes are semi-permanent, meaning the color fades after about 5-10 washings. It's easier to change your color using traditional, semi-permanent hair dyes. Most box hair dye is a chemical type dye.


If you have medium or dark hair color, you may want to bleach your hair first to achieve the richest color. If you have dark brown hair, for instance, you can't make it pastel pink without lightening your hair first.

Our Unicorn Bleach Party Kit can lighten hair up to eight levels, depending on whether you choose 20 Volume or 40 Volume. It's best to combine hair bleach and hair dye if you're going for vibrant, fantasy colors like bright pink, purple, blue, and so on.



Full Coverage Hair Dye is semi-permanent, meaning it can last weeks or even months depending on hair condition, the depth of the shade, and how often you shampoo. It's longer lasting than temporary hair dyes, which can wash out in as few as one wash.

Semi-permanent hair dyes come in a huge variety of colors, all with varying undertones, so it's easy to find a color that suits you.

Lime Crime Full Coverage Hair Dye produces vibrant results, perfect for coloring your entire hair. Our ultra-conditioning formula produces a light wash that adds a rich pop of color to your hair.



If you love the idea of dyeing your hair in different colors, you may have considered going with a light pastel shade. Maybe you love browsing the hottest hair dye ideas and trends.

Hair Tints leave a subtle shade of your favorite color on your hair. It's considered semi-permanent. You're adding a layer of pigment to the color you already have.

Tints come in lighter shades and can give you a soft, feminine look. They look great for both all-over color or as highlights.

Our Unicorn Hair Tints feature pastel, muted, and lighter shades. Tints work best with pre-lightened hair in the pale blonde or platinum range.


Before you jump into dyeing your hair, there are a few ways you can prepare it for better results. It also helps to have some hair dye supplies on hand to make the process easier.

First, if you're going to bleach your hair, perform a test on a strand. See how your hair takes the bleach. Hair bleach also stains clothing, so make sure to wear a pair of old clothes or a hair dye apron. Always use the protective gloves included in the Bleach Party Kit. When bleaching hair, it should be unwashed, dry, and combed or brushed.

Always part your hair into sections when bleaching or dyeing it. Clips can help hold your hair in place. Use an applicator brush for even coverage. Before applying hair dye to your hair, start with clean, unconditioned, dry hair. Make sure to buy enough dye to cover your hair and leave it in as long as instructed.


Are you ready to start dyeing your hair different colors? Use these tips to find the best hair dye for your needs.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye is the perfect way to achieve the perfect fantasy hair. Our hair dyes are vegan, cruelty-free, free of harsh chemicals, free of PPD, peroxide, and ammonia. Check out our collections to view our extensive shade range and find your next favorite color today.


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